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Source L. Chiariglione
Title Introducing the "FP6 NAVSHP DRM Requirements document" No. 051030chiariglione01rev.01


Introducing the "FP6 NAVSHP DRM Requirements document"

The Commission of the European Communities manages a substantial budget to fund pre-competitive collaborative R&D - currently Frame Programme 6 (FP6) - in a number of technical areas. One of them is called "Information Society Technologies" (IST). Within IST a number of priorities are identified, e.g. Networked Audiovisual Systems and Home Platforms (NAVSHP).

Within FP6 several projects with activities in DRM have been funded and I was asked to chair a group (called CG1) to coordinate or, better, harmonise those activities.

In May 2004 CG1 decided to collect all the requirements the different projects had utilised in the design of their solutions. the result of the effort was a document presented at a public meeting of the New Media Council in Brussels in February 2005 and a second time, after comments from parties not present in the CG1 group had been received.

The document has been presented a second time at IBC05 in Amsterdam in September 2005.Several comments were since received from multiple parties. All efforts were made to incorporate the comments at a final meeting of CG1 in Toulouse in October 2005 where the document in final form was released.