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Contributions to DMM/DMP (2005)

This page collects the contributions made by the groassroots DMM/DMP movement. If you want to contribute to the discussions and you are are not subscribed to the DMM/DMP reflector, please send the document to


Source Title
05/11/02 Chiariglione Comments on the Electronic Frontier Foundation's Press Release
05/10/30 NAVSHP CG1 FP6 NAVSHP DRM Requirements document
05/10/30 Chiariglione

Introducing the "FP6 NAVSHP DRM Requirements document"

05/06/13 Chiariglione Television and Digital Rights Management
05/06/05 Chiariglione

Reshaping the Digital Media Value-Chain – For the Better

05/06/01 Chiariglione A report on my attendance at iLaw 2005
05/05/10 Gauvin

Response to Professor Felten’s Review

05/05/10 Chiariglione Response to Edward Felten’s article
05/05/09 Curran Response to Bill Rosenblatt’s article
05/05/09 Gauvin Answering Bill Rosenblatt
05/05/09 Chiariglione A walkthrough in the DMP Phase I specification
05/05/08 Chiariglione Response to Bill Rosenblatt’s article “Digital Media Project Releases Spec for Interoperable DRM”
05/03/25 CEC Summary of the consultation on the High Level Group final report on Digital Rights Management by the European Commission
05/03/25 CEC DRAFT AGENDA DRM Workshop: Towards reaching consensus on Digital Rights Management